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Who We Are

We are a family owned and run ranch specializing in producing genetically superior seed stock. We also have a great commercial herd producing hormone and anti-biotic free black angus beef straight from our ranch to your table.  The Tuchscherer family has been involved in raising cattle and grains since 1884 when Anton Tuchscherer homesteaded his first farm in North Dakota and is now currently run by Dr. Ryan Tuchscherer.  He is a fifth generation rancher.  Our main ranch is located in Fort Scott, Kansas, along with other ranches in North Dakota and Colorado.

We have multiple options for you when it comes to buying our meat, wether your looking for a quarter, a half, a full animal or even a single steak.

At Mile High Angus we cut out the middle man, thus saving you money and you also know that you are consuming all natural beef, that has never been injected with hormones or anti-biotic.  Our cattle are pasture raised and finished with a specific grain ration to achieve the optimal marbling finish.

Dr.Ryan Tuchscherer